"I want my photos to not only draw the viewer in, I want my photography to make you feel good – that’s really my whole mission!"

Christin Rose, often called “Rose” by family and friends, lives to uplift people with her photography. Her upbeat and enthusiastic vibe drives her work. She looks at each opportunity to photograph someone as a chance to tell their story, to celebrate who they are.

Armed with infectious positivity and enthusiasm for life, Rose’s style captures a unique blend of pop and commercial sensibility without losing the authentic joy of a moment.On photo shoots she thinks of herself as a party starter and a true team player. She is someone who encourages and welcomes talent, crew, client and agency throughout the production process.

Nearly 5 years ago, Rose started ‘She Plays, We Win’ a project that would go on to spark a conversation about the positive effects that athletics create for young women. This theme of empowering women and girls continues to be carried through all of her work and is the backbone for what she stands for personally and professionally. 

Rose loves Italian food, classic rock and lives in Austin Texas with her husband, River Jordan and the newest addition to the party, Ace!

Some Clients include:
Puma, Nike, Wrangler, Under Armour, Royal Caribbean
Eddie Bauer, Justice, LLBean, Disney

Christin Rose Illustration